Meet the expert leads

Bringing together people who love what they do. Our core team has a strong scientific background in engineering, life-science and healthcare. With their business experience in Pharma, Biotech, IVD and Medical devices they are the support structure for our greater network of experts, researchers and writers to bring the best to our MedTech and Innovation projects. 

Clinical Affairs and Regulatory

Jacqueline leads up the Medical Writing of IVDR/MDR Clinical Evaluations. Having over 15 years of international clinical experience, medical device leadership as Clinical Affairs lead and academic author. This gives her CER/PER an edge as she is passionate to see patients benefit from medical innovations. Knowing how to balance regulatory need with the clinical. She is actively involved to help companies bring innovations to market by formulating the kickstart Clinical Development Plan and collaborating with Cecil to make the route to market clear and focussed for clients.  She helps us engage with our medical network of medical experts to ensure our SoTA reports are current and peer reviewed.

Ai and Innovation

Dr Sharif leads our Ai and Medical Device Innovation division. He is an active Academic and post-graduate lead for Computer Sciences. We are fortunate in being able to offer our clients his cutting edge strategic insight. As a previous CEO of a medical device distribution company he brings a strong network of academic partners and collaboration with the Middle East Innovation Hubs that offer great opportunity to innovate products and access these partnerships. 

Business Operations Lead

Ellie leads our scientific research and administration support teams.   She is truly the glue in making the magic come together. Her C-suite experience in pharma and MedTech industry, ensures our  outputs meets clients and regulators standards. Dr Sharif's help in automation means she enjoys high quality data extraction to produce key CER/PER insights for our writing.

International Business Development

Cecil brings a wealth of business development expertise to our team. With his strong life science background he has worked for the top blue-chip multinationals in CRO, pharma, IVD and Medical Device's. He is fondly known as our wise sage that has truly seen it all and has his finger on the pulse in innovation. Steady and strategic he brings the focus, direction and calm to bring big ideas to fruition. He leads our collaborations in market access  ensuring our clients enjoy a smooth path to bring their products to market.